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United States Naval Academy Corporate Body 1272
United States. Social Security Administration Corporate Body 1253
United States. Department of Transportation Corporate Body 1244
United States--Old Southwest Place 1235
United States. Navy Department Corporate Body 1232
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (United States) Title of Work 1204
United States. Interstate Commerce Commission Corporate Body 1179
United States--Oregon Territory Place 1170
United States--Snake River Place 1168
United States. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corporate Body 1127
United States. Veterans Administration Corporate Body 1099
United States. Post Office Department Corporate Body 1081
United States. Army. Cavalry Corporate Body 1019
United States. General Services Administration Corporate Body 1017
United States--Great Smoky Mountains National Park Place 992
United States. Department of Health and Human Services Corporate Body 989
United States--Shenandoah River Valley Place 961
United States--Tennessee River Region Place 960
Communist Party of the United States of America Corporate Body 949
United States--White Mountains (New Hampshire and Maine) Place 944
United States. Department of Education Corporate Body 930
United States Capitol (Washington, D.C.) Corporate Body 914
United States. Occupational Safety and Health Administration Corporate Body 914
United States--Appalachian Trail Place 901
No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (United States) Title of Work 900
Displaying 76 to 100 of 12802