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Subject results for: Land use--Planning
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Heading Type # Works
National Land-Use Planning Committee (U.S.) Corporate Body 4
Indian Council of Agricultural Research. National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning Corporate Body 5
Chuo Kikuu cha Dar es Salaam. Bureau of Resource Assessment and Land Use Planning Corporate Body 1
Land Use, Minerals, Land Instability and Waste Planning Research Programme (Great Britain) Corporate Body 1
Wyoming. State Land-Use Planning Committee Corporate Body 1
Wyoming. State Land Use Planning Sub-committee Corporate Body 1
Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska Corporate Body 14
Rhode Island Statewide Comprehensive Transportation and Land Use Planning Program Corporate Body 1
Women and land use planning Topic 108
Information storage and retrieval systems--Land use--Planning Topic 9
Land use--Environmental aspects--Planning Topic 135
Land use--Environmental aspects--U.S. states--Planning Topic 1
Land use--Planning Topic 20158
Land use--Planning--Citizen participation Topic 480
Land use--Planning--Communication systems Topic 1
Land use--Planning--Computer programs Topic 23
Land use--Planning--Computer-assisted instruction Topic 1
Land use--Planning--Cost effectiveness Topic 4
Land use--Planning--Data processing Topic 115
Land use--Planning--Decision making Topic 13
Land use--Planning--Economic aspects Topic 26
Land use--Planning--Environmental aspects Topic 260
Land use--Planning--Evaluation Topic 28
Land use--Planning--Finance Topic 6
Land use--Planning--Information services Topic 6
Displaying 1 to 25 of 46