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Subject results for: Expenditures, Public
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New Zealand. Parliament. Public Expenditure Committee Corporate Body 1
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Public Expenditures Corporate Body 1
Western Australia. Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Public Accounts and Expenditure Review Committee Corporate Body 1
Connecticut Public Expenditure Council Corporate Body 1
Great Britain. Public Expenditure Survey Committee Corporate Body 1
Expenditures, Public--Law and legislation--U.S. states Topic 1
Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council. Government Management Task Force Corporate Body 2
Victoria. Parliament. Public Accounts and Expenditure Review Committee Corporate Body 2
Expenditures, Public--Analysis Topic 2
Expenditures, Public--Effect of inflation on--Mathematical models Topic 2
Expenditures, Public--Corrupt practices Topic 3
Expenditures, Public--Forecasting--Mathematical models Topic 3
Expenditures, Public--Rate of return--Mathematical models Topic 3
Tax and expenditure limitations--Public opinion Topic 6
Expenditures, Public--Cost control Topic 9
Expenditures, Public--Public opinion Topic 9
Expenditures, Public--Management Topic 10
Expenditures, Public--Research Topic 11
Expenditures, Public--Decision making Topic 12
Expenditures, Public--Social aspects Topic 15
Expenditures, Public--Rate of return Topic 22
Expenditures, Public--Accounting Topic 30
Expenditures, Public--Auditing Topic 36
Expenditures, Public--Law and legislation Topic 37
Expenditures, Public--Effect of inflation on Topic 48
Displaying 1 to 25 of 31