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Subject results for: Communication--Research
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Heading Type # Works
Organization for Research on Women and Communication (U.S.) Corporate Body 1
Centre for Mass Communication Research (University of Leicester) Corporate Body 1
Center for Research and Communication Corporate Body 2
Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Office of Communication Research Corporate Body 1
Stanford University. Institute for Communication Research Corporate Body 3
International Association for Mass Communication Research Corporate Body 6
Tribal Research Analysis Communication & Education (Ranchi, India) Corporate Body 1
University of Kansas. Communication Research Center Corporate Body 1
Asian Mass Communication Research and Information Centre Corporate Body 3
Western Reserve University. Center for Documentation and Communication Research Corporate Body 5
Missions Advanced Research and Communication Center Corporate Body 1
Nordic Conference on Media and Communication Research Event 2
Written communication--Research Topic 38
Mobile communication systems--Research Topic 23
Nonverbal communication--Research Topic 11
Oral communication--Research Topic 72
Research--Communication systems Topic 8
Research libraries--Communication systems Topic 6
Express highways--Communication systems--Research Topic 1
Business communication--Research Topic 19
Communication in family planning--Research Topic 8
Astronautics--Communication systems--Research Topic 5
Animal communication--Research Topic 5
Communication--Research Topic 1560
Communication--Research--Methodology Topic 187
Displaying 1 to 25 of 46