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Women authors, English--Archival resources Topic 1
Women authors, Irish--Correspondence Topic 1
Women authors, Norwegian--Psychology Topic 1
Zimbabwean literature--Black authors Topic 1
Psychotherapists as authors Topic 1
Women authors, Kenyan Topic 1
Arabic letters--Kurdish authors Topic 1
Verse drama, English--Irish authors--Japanese influences Topic 1
Waka--Korean authors Topic 1
Authors, Russian Topic 1
American literature--White authors Topic 1
Marathi poetry--Untouchable authors Topic 1
Sanskrit literature--Swami-Narayani authors Topic 1
Serbian poetry--Muslim authors Topic 1
Short stories, Australian--Jewish authors Topic 1
Short stories, English--Catholic authors Topic 1
Speeches, addresses, etc., American--German American authors Topic 1
Major authors on CD-ROM Title of Work 1
To the memory of my beloved, the author Mr. William Shakespeare (Jonson, Ben) Title of Work 1
Shi yong Han yu ke ben (Liu, Xun (Author of language textbooks)) Title of Work 1
Ansvver reioyned to that much applauded pamphlet of a namelesse author, bearing this title: viz. A reply to Dr. Morton's generall defence of three nocent ceremonies, &c (Burges, John) Title of Work 1
Author's apology for protesting against the Methodist Episcopal government (O'Kelly, James) Title of Work 1
Letter to the unknown author of a paper, entituled, A short answer to His Grace the Duke of Buckingham's paper concerning religion, toleration, and liberty of conscience (Buckingham, George Villiers, Duke of) Title of Work 1
McGraw-Hill Interactive authoring system Title of Work 1
Authors, Nepali--Biography Topic 1
Displaying 1 to 25 of 1986