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To the Kings most excellent Majesty This Plate A VIEW OF CHRIST CHURCH GREAT GATE, OXFORD, is by His gracious Permission humbly dedicated by his most dutiful & grateful Subject & Servant Willm Delamotte by Delamotte, W. A.
  1 1 1800 1800
Illustrations of Virginia Water, and the adjacent scenery : celebrated as the favourite and frequent retreat of His Most Gracious Majesty : in a series of views, from sketches made on the spot by Delamotte, W. A.
  1 1 1828 1828
A catalogue of the Ashmolean Museum : descriptive of the zoological specimens, antiquities, coins, and miscellaneous curiosities by Ashmolean Museum
  50 5 1836 1836
A description of Blenheim, the seat of his grace the Duke of Marlborough : containing a full and accurate account of the paintings, tapestry and furniture ; a picturesque tour of the gardens and park ; a general delineation of the China gallery, private gardens, &c. ; to which are also added, an itinerary ; an account of the Roman villa, near Northleigh, &c., &c., with a preliminary essay on landscape gardening by Mavor, William Fordyce, 1758-1837
  29 9 1833 1840
Strawberry Hill, the renowned seat of Horace Walpole : Mr. George Robins is honoured by having been selected by the Earl of Waldegrave, to sell by public competition, the valuable contents of Strawberry Hill : and it may fearlessly be proclaimed as the most distinguished gem that has ever adorned the annals of auctions. It is definitely fixed for Monday, the 25th day of April, 1842, and twenty-three following days . by Walpole, Horace, 1717-1797
  55 8 1842 1842
Original views of Oxford, : its colleges, chapels, and gardens by Delamotte, W. A.
  25 2 1843 1843
Snuff and snuff-takers; : a pungent, piquant, comical, veritable, and historical disquisition, to which is added, a dissertation on the poetry of sneezing by Delamotte, W. A.
  9 2 1846 1846
An historical sketch of the Priory and Royal hospital of St. Bartholomew by Delamotte, W. A.
  46 7 1844 1846
Views of the overland journey to India from original sketches by Delamotte, W. A.
  4 2 1847 1847
[Complete works] by Ainsworth, William Harrison, 1805-1882
  14 3 1897 1911
Windsor castle by Ainsworth, William Harrison, 1805-1882
  1904 278 1800 2019
Displaying 1 to 11 of 11