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Title & Author Format Holdings Editions From To
Research on child language disorders : a decade of progress by Miller, Jon F.
  247 9 1990 1991
Developmental speech and language disorders : hope through research by National Institute of Neurological and Communicative Disorders and Stroke.
  121 2 1988 1988
Brain and behavior in children with phonological delays : phonological, lexical, and sensory system interactions by Cummings, Alycia Erin
  22 2 2009 2009
Research on child language disorders : a decade of progress : a volume marking the 10. anniversary of the Wisconsin Symposium for Research on Child Language Disorders
  14 6 1991 1991
School aged children with oral language and reading disorders by National Center for Neurogenic Communication Disorders (University of Arizona)
  11 4 1995 1995
30 years of Topics in language disorders : how the field has changed
  11 2 2010 2010
The syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic oral language production of normal and learning disabled children: a single-subject approach by Russell, Steven C.
  5 5 1981 1983
An investigation of the processes of meaning construction in the writing behaviors of children with language disorders by Damico, Holly W
  4 2 2012 2012
Language learning disabled students : a study of verbal rehearsal ; attentional processes ; and oral discourse narrative recall and comprehension by Cossar, Olive
  4 2 1989 1990
Semantic and pragmatic analyses of narrative discourse in language impaired and nonimpaired children by Miranda, Ana Elisabeth Bastos de
  3 2 1995 1995
Fostering a multi-faceted perspective for neuroimaging studies of specific language impairment and developmental dyslexia by Christodoulou, Joanna A
  2 1 2009 2009
A study of early language and speech as a function of literacy development by Spector, Gloria Wolpin
  2 1 1996 1996
A functional analysis of the echolalic behavior of three children with autism in a residential school setting by Townsend, Bessie Juanita Kelsay
  2 1 2000 2000
Communication skills of young children diagnosed with autism : comparative effectiveness of applied behavior analysis and developmental, individual-difference, relationship-based interventions by Hilton, Jane Carroll
  2 1 2005 2005
An inquiry into the language profiles of specific language impaired children by Rollins, Pamela Rosenthal
  2 1 1990 1990
Kecelaruan bahasa dalam kalangan kanak-kanak austisme by Nurul Haniza Samsudin
  1 1 2013 2013
Los servicios del patólogo del habla-lenguaje y su relación con la implementación del Programa Educativo Individualizado en estudiantes de escuela elemental, según la perspectiva de los maestros de educación especial by Velázquez Calderón, Wilfredo
  1 1 2015 2015
Evaluación neuropsicológica de una muestra de niños puertorriqueños de siete a doce años con diagnóstico de dislexia mediante CAS2 y la WNV by Sandoval Señeriz, Mariela
  1 1 2017 2017
Percepción de las necesidades y preparación de los maestros de Educación Especial sobre el uso y aplicación de comunicación aumentativa alternativa para estimular destrezas de alfabetización by García Rosario, Luz Priscilla
  1 1 2020 2020
Evaluating language intervention approaches : contrasting perspectives
  1 1 1999 1999
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