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Title & Author Format Holdings Editions From To
The interactive effect of state and trait anxiety on gymnastic performance by Rouse, Susan Jill
  102 10 1978 1981
An exploratory study of coaching leadership styles on team climate, achievement motivation, and performance in women's gymnastics by Rosenberg, Jeffrey
  101 9 1988 1989
Competitive state anxiety of female high school gymnasts by Matheson, Hilary Elizabeth
  91 6 1988 1988
The role of vision in compensating for vestibular aftereffects during skilled performance by Johnson, Linda Jeanne
  90 7 1987 1989
The relationship between precompetitive affect and collegiate gymnastic performance by Gibson, Jerri Leigh
  90 8 1990 1991
Psychological factors that predispose athletes to injury by Fritts, Suzanne M
  85 6 1992 1993
The relationship between perceived stressful life events and occurrence of athletic injury among college level gymnasts by Buonagurio, Joseph J.
  83 6 1993 1993
Effects of relative frequency of concurrent visual feedback on serial skill acquisition and retention by Manser, Michael P.
  80 6 1992 1992
Motivational perspectives of female gymnasts and their coaches by Lattimore, Diana Lynn
  72 6 2000 2000
Anxiety and performance at three levels of competition in women's intercollegiate gymnastics by Bush, Jone J
  70 9 1970 1971
A comparison of personality traits of female high school gymnasts and non-participants by Billings, Cynthia W
  7 5 1981 1981
The effect of cognitive rehearsal training on performance and on self-report of anxiety in novice and intermediate female gymnasts by Decaria, Michael Dee, 1946-
  6 5 1977 1977
Identifying specific cognitive and affective attributes of female junior elite gymnasts by Britton, Susan Elaine
  4 3 1986 1986
The effects of a rational emotive education program on heightened anxiety levels of female collegiate gymnasts by Elko, Philip K
  3 2 1989 1989
Female collegiate gymnasts and experiences in sport retirement due to injury by Barry, Coleen Harrington
  3 2 2008 2008
Psychological characteristics of female fitness competitors compared to female collegiate gymnasts by Fontaine, Jaclyn Monique
  1 1 2010 2010
Displaying 1 to 16 of 16