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Title & Author Format Holdings Editions From To
Asian Indian Americans : utilization of mental health services by Nair, Rejitha
  1 1 2007 2007
An assessment of intergenerational conflict and adjustment in Indian American college students and an empirical evaluation of self-construal theory by Shah, Neha
  1 1 2004 2004
Effects of ethnic identity status and autonomy expectations on coping strategy preferences of Asian Indian adolescents in the U.S.A. and their majority culture peers by Cherian, Sam
  1 1 2001 2001
Acculturation and psychological adjustment : the case of second-generation Asian Indians by Śarmā, Anupamā
  3 1 1995 1995
Acculturation, psychological well-being and substance use behaviors in Asian Indian Americans by Amin, Sonia Y.
  1 1 2020 2020
Ascertaining the relationship of acculturation and the perception of psychological stress, self-concept, and locus of control among Asian Indian immigrants in the United States of America by Menon, Mini Meenakshi
  2 2 1994 1994
The composition of self-esteem in second-generation Asian Indian and mainstream European-American college women : a comparative study by Shah, Seema Arvind
  3 2 2000 2000
Investigation of second generation Indian American acculturation of native traditions and psychological symptomatology by Saroop, Shilpa, 1975-
  4 2 2003 2003
Acculturation, personality, and adjustment : a study of Asian Indians in the United States by Chhabra, Sydney
  3 2 1993 1994
Contextualization and mental health among second-generation Asian Indian-Americans by Subramanian, Sujatha
  4 3 1997 1997
States of exception : everyday life and postcolonial identity by Ganguly, Keya
  1035 12 2001 2001
Displaying 1 to 11 of 11