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Title & Author Format Holdings Editions From To
Understanding what children say : children's experiences of domestic violence, parental substance misuse and parental health problems by Gorin, Sarah
  1236 8 2004 2004
'It hurts me too' : children's experiences of domestic violence and refuge life by Saunders, Alex
  48 6 1995 1995
"Omdat mijn vader zo slaat" : gesprekken met kinderen in "Blijf van m'n Lijf" by Beer, Corinne de
  17 3 1981 1981
Mon père me fait peur : vécu des enfants exposés à la violence conjugale by Boutin, Rachel, 1949-
  16 2 1998 1998
Children of battered women : their reactions and perceptions of the conjugal violence experience by Stamm, Linda J.
  5 3 1982 1982
Les expériences et les perceptions des enfants qui vivent dans un contexte familial où se manifeste la violence conjugale : le point de vue des enfants by Bourassa, Chantal, 1972-
  4 3 1998 1999
L'évaluation d'une intervention de groupe auprès d'enfants et d'adolescents exposés à la violence conjugale aux CJF Batshaw : rapport final remis à la Régie régionale de Montréal-Centre by Pâquet-Deehy, Ann
  3 1 1997 1997
The long-term effects of witnessing parental violence : an investigation of early adult male behaivors, attitudes, and moral reasoning by Hughes, Alfred Rudolph, III
  3 2 2002 2002
An empirical phenomenological study of witnessing spouse abuse as a preadolescent by Williams, James E
  3 2 1982 1982
Violence in the family of origin and its effects on current levels of self-esteem and depression in self-identified battered women by Litty, Michele C
  2 1 2000 2000
Analyse du vécu des enfants exposés à la violence conjugale by Boutin, Rachel, 1949-
  2 2 1996 1997
Displaying 1 to 11 of 11