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Title & Author Format Holdings Editions From To
I'm Black and I'm sober : the timeless story of a woman's journey back to sanity by Allen, Chaney
  397 3 1995 1995
Exploring the known and unknown factors in the rates of alcoholism among Black and White females by Coney, John Charles
  205 3 1978 1978
I'm Black & I'm sober : a minister's daughter tells her story about fighting the disease of alcoholism--and winning by Allen, Chaney
  138 4 1978 1990
Attitudes of older African American women about alcohol abuse by Hatchett, Bonnie F.
  117 2 2002 2002
Sex-related alcohol expectancies, alcohol consumption, and risky sexual behavior among African American college women by Cottonham, Danielle Patrice Frilot
  23 1 2016 2016
An exploratory study of treatment outcomes in a 12-year follow-up of Black and White female alcoholics by Idleburg, Dorothy A.
  12 6 1982 1982
From despair to victory : an African-American woman's struggle with alcohol by Bozeman, Barbara
  6 1 1991 1991
Sociocultural correlates of normative drinking behavior and utilization of treatment resources : a study of 113 black female Mississippians by Fletcher, Bettye Ward
  5 4 1986 1987
Attitudes and beliefs about alcohol and alcohol consumption among African-American women of childbearing age by Abara, Rosalind Chiaka
  4 3 2004 2004
Female client profile : January 1985--December 1986 by Counts, Henry E
  3 1 1987 1987
Effects of acculturation and contributory factors of acculturative stress on alcohol consumption and related problems among African American women by Smith, Cherrolyn Catrece Mays, 1970-
  3 2 2000 2000
Treatment constraints that affect African American female alcoholics by Ebuchulam, Janice Chambers, 1966-
  2 2 2001 2001
Recovering black female alcohol abusers' perceptions regarding the contribution of selected factors to the maintenance of their sobriety by Wells, Karen D
  2 2 1985 1985
Alcohol consumption of African American fraternity and sorority member at a historically black university and a predominantly white university by Cunningham, Carl G
  1 1 2002 2002
Displaying 1 to 14 of 14