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Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States by United States. War Department. Inspector General's Office
  4156 303 1779 2013
Regulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States : Part I by United States. Continental Army
  2465 182 1779 1990
A rabble in arms : Massachusetts towns and militiamen during King Philip's War by Zelner, Kyle F.
  1477 10 2009 2016
Rustic warriors : warfare and the provincial soldier on the New England frontier, 1689-1748 by Eames, Steven C., 1954-
  934 13 2011 2016
A plan of exercise, for the militia of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay by Massachusetts. Militia
  696 50 1768 1900
Rules and regulations for the Massachusetts army by Massachusetts. Provincial Congress
  589 34 1775 1970
An act, for regulating and governing the Militia of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and for repealing all laws heretofore made for that purpose by Massachusetts
  586 24 1785 1786
Review of Gov. Banks' veto of the revised code : on account of its authorizing the enrollment of colored citizens in the militia by Bird, F. W. (Francis William), 1809-1894
  481 27 1860 2010
The necessity of a well experienced souldiery, or, A Christian common wealth ought to be well instructed & experienced in the military art by J. R. (John Richardson), 1647-1696
  411 18 1679 1679
By His Excellency the governour : Whereas it hath been of absolute necessity, that a certain number of men should be impressed, for the service of Their Majesties, in defence of this their province, both at sea and land, against the common enemy. And that some persons employed therein, have passed the bounds of their duty, and my order, by putting the same in execution in a violent and disorderly manner ... Given at Boston, and dated the 27th day of July, 1692 by Massachusetts. Governor (1692-1695 : Phips)
  403 14 1692 1692
An Act for Regulating, Governing and Training the Militia of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts : passed March 6, 1810 : with an index by Massachusetts
  395 24 1810 1810
An act, passed by the Great and General Court or Assembly of His Majesty's province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New-England : begun and held at Boston upon Wednesday the twenty-eighth day of May, 1755. And continued by sundry prorogations and adjournments to Tuesday the thirtieth day of March following, and then met by Massachusetts
  384 32 1756 1756
Anno Regni Regis & Reginæ Gulielmi & Mariæ secundo. By the governour, & Council : Whereas the Honourable Sir William Phipps knight is appointed to take the command of such forces as shall be raised for Their Majesties service in the present expedition against the French at Nova Scotia, and L'Accadie. . by Massachusetts. Governor (1689-1692 : Bradstreet)
  375 15 1689 1690
A sermon preached in the 2d Precinct in Pembroke, N.E : before a company voluntarily formed, for the revival of military skill, &c. October 10, 1757 by Hitchcock, Gad, 1719-1803
  365 27 1757 1900
Trials by court martial of Capt. Samuel Watson, 2d, David Livermore, Daniel Kent, and William Prouty : of the 1st Reg. 1st Brig. and 7th Division of Massachusetts Militia, 1810 by Watson, Samuel, 1785-1818
  363 20 1811 2008
Military discipline : the compleat souldier, or expert artillery-man ... : To which is added, the duties of all the officers, in a private company: as also the military law of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay . by Boone, Nicholas, 1679-1738
  357 28 1701 1706
Extract from the resolves of the General Court of the state of Massachusetts-Bay, passed on the 30th day of November, A.D. 1776 : a resolve, for amending and explaining a late act of the General Assembly of this state, intitled "An act for providing a reinforcement to the American army." by Massachusetts General Court
  354 17 1776 1776
In Provincial Congress, Cambridge, February 14, 1775 : Whereas it appears necessary for the defence of the lives, liberties, and properties, of the inhabitants of this province, that this Congress ... should be made fully acquainted with the number and military equipments of the militia, and Minute Men ... Resolved, that ... the commanding officers of each regiment ... take an exact state of their numbers, and equipment . by Massachusetts. Provincial Congress
  350 17 1775 1775
State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of Representatives, August 8, 1777 : Whereas by the loss of the important fortress of Ticonderoga, a way is open to the ravages of our cruel and inveterate enemies ... Resolve, that one sixth part of the able-bodied men in the training band and alarm list, now at home ... march ... to reinforce the American army . by Massachusetts General Court
  346 16 1777 1777
State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of Representatives, January 25, 1777 : the perseverance of Britain in her attempts to subjugate the free states of America ... demands a vigorous perseverance in the inhabitants of these states ... For this end the supreme council of the continent ... have called for eighty-eight battalions ... and for fifteen of them from the Massachusetts-Bay . by Massachusetts. General Court. House of Representatives
  342 15 1777 1777
State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of Representatives, April 20, 1778 : Whereas Congress by their resolve of February 18th, 1778, has called upon this state for thirteen hundred of the Militia thereof . by Massachusetts. General Court
  342 14 1778 1778
In Provincial Congress, Watertown, June 17th, 1775 : Whereas some of the inhabitants of the new plantations in this colony, not incorporated ... have inlisted into the army now raising ... Resolved, that the inhabitants of the several towns and districts in the counties specified in a list hereunto annexed, who may have good and sufficient firelocks ... provide and deliver to such person or persons, as are to be now appointed . by Massachusetts. Provincial Congress
  334 16 1775 1775
State of Massachusetts-Bay. In the year of our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and eighty : an act to prevent and punish desertion, and for apprehending and securing deserters from the Continental Army by Massachusetts
  331 13 1780 1780
Massachusetts in the rebellion : a record of the historical position of the commonwealth, and the services of the leading statesmen, the military, the colleges, and the people, in the civil war of 1861-65 by Headley, P. C. (Phineas Camp), 1819-1903
  331 21 1866 2017
Exhibition of facts, supported by documents, for the information of the militia officers of the state of Massachusetts by Loring, Joseph, 1767-1838
  330 16 1806 2009
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