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The admonisher admonished : in, a modest and impartial narrative of the proceedings of the ecclesiastical court, against James Jones citizen of London, of the parish of St. Bartholomew Exchange : being a true account of matter of fact, from his citation to Doctors Commons, to their taking out the writ of excommunicato capiendo against him : and also an account of the several ways made use of for the taking off the said writ : with useful observations upon several particular passages and statutes : dedicated to the worshipful Doctor Pinfold by Jones, James, active 1683-1684
  503 19 1683 1683
Irenicum : a vveapon-salve for the churches wounds, or the divine right of particular forms of church-government : discuss'd and examin'd according to the principles of the law of nature, the positive laws of God, the practice of the Apostles, and the primitive church, & the judgment of reform'd divines : whereby a foundation is laid for the churches peace, and the accommodation of our present differences : humbly tendered to consideration by Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699
  412 11 1662 1681
Silvius's examination of certain doctrines lately taught, and defended by the Reverend Mr. Stebbing by Balguy, John, 1686-1748
  192 12 1718 2018
The source, force, and course of excommunications : conducing to the clearing of that seeming perplexed question, of and amongst the Assembly of Divines : where the seate of the power of excommunication is? resolved : whether in the churches of, and in monarchies, or in the Presbyterian : extracted out of the originalls in the Old Testament, as the radix, pursuing the New Testament, and so to the civill and cannon lawes, and their congruities with both by J. D. S.
  158 5 1646 1646
Report of the cause between William Beaurain, gent., plaintiff, and the right Hon. Sir W. Scott, knt., defendant, for unlawfully excommunicating the plaintiff : tried in the Court of King's Bench, Guildhall, London, on Saturday, the 6th March, 1813, before the Right Hon. Lord Ellenborough, Chief Justice, and a special jury : with an appendix by Beaurain, William,
  19 3 1814 2009
A discourse concerning excommunication by Comber, Thomas
  8 5 1684 1687
Silvius's examination of certain doctrines lately taught and defended by Mr. Stebbing by Balguy, John, 1686-1748
  7 1 1718 1718
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