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Boon Island by Roberts, Kenneth Lewis, 1885-1957
  2002 45 1916 2013
A narrative of the shipwreck of the Nottingham Galley : &c. Publish'd in 1711. Revis'd, and re-printed with additions in 1726, by John Deane . by Dean, John, 1679-1761
  455 35 1726 1738
Compassions called for : an essay of profitable reflections on miserable spectacles. : To which is added, a faithful relation of some late, but strange occurrences that call for an awful and useful consideration. Especially, the surprising distresses and deliverances, of a company lately shipwreck'd on a desolate rock, on the coast of New-England. : [Three lines of Scripture texts] by Mather, Cotton
  420 27 1711 1711
A narrative of the shipwreck of the Nottingham galley, in her voyage from England to Boston : With an account of the miraculous escape of the captain and his crew, on a rock called Boone-Island ; the hardships they endured there, and their happy deliverance by Dean, John, 1679-1761
  297 23 1711 1762
Boon Island : a true story of mutiny, shipwreck, and cannibalism by Vietze, Andrew
  248 3 2012 2014
A narrative of the sufferings, preservation and deliverance, of Capt. John Dean and company by Dean, John, 1679-1761
  243 28 1711 2016
A narative [sic] of the suffeirngs [sic], preservation and deliverance of Capt. John Deane & c by Dean, John, 1679-1761
  187 15 1722 1722
The Sailors' life boat : Part 1 by Boston Society for the Religious and Moral Improvement of Seamen
  116 6 1816 1816
The shipwreck cannibals : Captain John Deane and the Boon Island flesh eating scandal by Nightingale, Adam
  84 2 2013 2013
A narrative of the shipwreck of the Nottingham galley : Publish'd in 1711 by Dean, John, 1679-1761
  3 2 1711 1726
Loss of the Nottingham Galley, 11th December, 1710 by Dean, John, one of the crew of the ship Sussex
  2 2 1850 1850
Papers by Roberts, Kenneth Lewis, 1885-1957
  1 1 1935 1935
A true account of the voyage of the Nottingham-galley of London, John Dean commander, from the river Thames to New-England, near which place she was cast away on Boon-Island, December 11, 1710, by the captain's obstinancy, who endeavour'd to betray her to the French, or run her ashore; with an account of the falsehoods in the captain's narrative : And a faithful relation of the extremities the compmany was reduc'd to for twenty-four days on that desolate rock ... The whole attested upon oath by Langman, Christopher
  1 1 1711 1711
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