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William Bartram and the American Revolution on the southern frontier by Cashin, Edward J., 1927-2007
  577 13 1999 2001
Proposals for printing by subscription, on a fine paper, with a new and elegant American letter, cast by John Baine & Co. Travels through North and South-Carolina, Georgia, East and West-Florida, the Cherokee Nations, and through the extensive territories of the Muscogulges or Creek Confederacy, and the country of the Chactaws : containing an account of the soil and natural productions of those regions together with observations on the manners and customes of the Indians. By William Bartram, botanist of Philadelphia .
  143 10 1790 1790
Guide to William Bartram's Travels : following the trail of America's first great naturalist by Sanders, Brad, 1951-
  74 3 2002 2002
The attention of a traveller : essays on William Bartram's "Travels" and legacy by Braund, Kathryn E. Holland, 1955-
  60 5 2022 2022
A celebration on the 200th anniversary of Bartram's Travels, 1791 by Bennett, Thomas Peter
  20 1 1991 1991
The Bartram Trail Conference and symposium : proceedings of the Symposium "Celebration of Travels 1791" by Symposium "Celebration of Travels 1791" (1991 : Savannah, Ga.)
  11 1 1991 1991
Proposals for publishing Bartram's Travels by Harper, Francis, 1886-1972
  7 3 1945 1946
Harvesting the seeds of early American human and nonhuman animal relationships in Sarah Trimmer's Fabulous histories, William Bartram's Travels, and the travel diary of Elizabeth House Trist by Vives, Leslie Blake
  3 1 2012 2012
Charter and by-laws, Bartram Trail Conference by Bartram Trail Conference
  1 1 1977 1977
Displaying 1 to 9 of 9