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Title & Author Format Holdings Editions From To
Quantitative assessment of emergent biomass and species composition in tidal wetlands using remote sensing by Bartlett, David S.
  10 2 1979 1979
A procedure for merging remote sensing and field sampling methods to assess existing and historic environmental conditions of coastal wetlands by Leu, David J
  8 3 1982 1982
Assessment of tidal wetland habitat and productivity by Bartlett, David S.
  8 2 1979 1979
Spectral reflectance of tidal wetland plant canopies and implications for remote sensing by Bartlett, David S.
  6 5 1979 1979
Remote sensing of Lythrum salicaria, purple loosestrife, in wetland environments of Washington by Frazier, Bruce E., 1943-
  4 2 1992 1992
Remote sensing and GIS for wetland vegetation study by Al Sghair, Fathi Goma
  3 2 2013 2013
A freshwater inventory of wetland plant communities on Sam Rayburn reservoir using remote sensing by Head, Shawn Gregory, 1951-
  3 2 1981 1981
Remote sensing of Phragmites australis with the EO-1 Hyperion sensor by Pengra, Bruce W
  3 1 2005 2005
Remote characterization of wetland vegetation and corresponding relationship to soils : final report on the evaluation of imagery-derived terrain attributes in the coastal zone by Anderson, John E., 1961-
  2 2 1998 1998
Remote sensing of vegetation biomass in playa wetlands by Comer, Gary Lee
  1 1 1994 1994
Remote sensing for management of invasive plants in Great Lakes coastal wetlands by Unitis, Matthew James
  1 1 2018 2018
Displaying 1 to 11 of 11