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Stormwater management in the United States : a study of institutional problems, solutions and impacts by Poertner, Herbert G.
  33 6 1980 1988
Stormwater management guidelines for the province of Alberta by Alberta. Environmental Sciences Division. Municipal Program Development Branch
  22 3 1999 1999
Report to the legislature, calendar year ... storm water enforcement actions related to non-submittal of annual reports and failure to obtain a permit by California Environmental Protection Agency. State Water Resources Control Board
  22 2 ???? ????
Stormwater management guidelines for the province of Alberta by Alberta. Department of Environment. Environmental Sciences Division
  8 4 1987 1999
Model codes of practice for enhanced stormwater management and improved uptake of low impact design by Bennette, Justine
  5 2 2008 2008
Establishment of a clean water fund for financing municipal sewerage needs, Special Act 85-54 : Report by Connecticut. Department of Environmental Protection
  2 1 1986 1986
Storm water management guidelines
  2 1 1980 1988
King County stormwater management program, 1996-2000 : in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the National Pollutnat Discharge Elimination System and State Waste Discharge Permits for the Island/Snohomish Water Quality Management Area, Cedar/Green Water Quality Management Area, South Puget Sound Water Quality Management Area and the portion of the Kitsap Water Quality Management Area located in King County
  1 1 1997 1997
Urban run-off stormwater discharge by Western Australia. Metropolitan Region Planning Authority
  1 1 1982 1982
Displaying 1 to 9 of 9