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Title & Author Format Holdings Editions From To
An agenda for research on teacher learning by Kennedy, Mary M
  87 2 1991 1991
Turning theory into practice : positive classroom management in the student teaching classroom by Hildenbrand, Susan M.
  60 2 2017 2017
Addressing the tensions of longitudinal case study research into ones own practice : exploring student teachers' conceptions of the relationship between theory and practice in learning to teach by Knight, Rupert
  60 1 2017 2017
Attitude change of secondary school student teachers during student teaching by Frank, James Bernell, 1921-
  7 4 1967 1967
An investigation of the role expectations held among and within the groups representing each of the three members of the student teaching triad by Ryan, Mark William John, 1946-
  7 3 1989 1990
A survey of research relative to supervision of student teachers at the secondary level by Cornett, Joe D.
  5 3 1966 1966
La relación del método de aprendizaje basado en problemas en la satisfacción, actitud hacia las ciencias integradas y rendimiento académico de los estudiantes-maestros del nivel elemental by Dávila Santos, Pilar del Socorro
  3 1 2013 2013
Cultural backgrounds of students and cooperating teachers as related to attitudes toward children, problems of student teaching, and achievement of student teachers by Bernardo, Rose Ann, 1933-
  3 2 1962 1962
Relationship between the educational orientation and the perceived or preferred leadership behavior of university supervisors and interns by Ramos, Isabel
  2 1 1987 1987
Cooperating teachers' effect on student teachers' verbal behaviors: : a Flanders system approach by Halley, Gregoria Nardi, 1937-
  2 2 1974 1974
A study of two current approaches to practice teaching : the one with emphasis on the professional education of the student teacher as an integrated part of his undergraduate preparation ; the other with emphasis on a liberal arts and academic concentration by Peterson, Mary Virginia Frusher, 1912-
  1 1 1964 1964
Keberkesanan guru pembimbing dan sokongan yang diterima semasa penyeliaan praktikum by Kaur, Jeswant
  1 1 1996 1996
Perceptions of preparation for student teaching at Austin Peay State University by Baird, Stephen B
  1 1 2001 2001
Displaying 1 to 13 of 13