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Title & Author Format Holdings Editions From To
Odors and odor control by Louden, Louise
  56 6 1976 1983
Method for determining potential odor contribution of selected kraft process streams by Franklin, Michael E.
  128 5 1978 1980
An evaluation of malodors originating from the kraft pulping process by Grant, Frank, III, 1942-2014
  3 2 1972 1972
Investigation of the feasibility of the use of chemical oxidation systems for the removal of odorous gases from high volume low-concentration kraft mill sources by National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement (U.S.)
  4 1 1977 1977
Water odour, Athabasca River, February and March 1993
  28 1 1994 1994
Some aspects of Kraft odor control by Douglass, Irwin Bruce, 1904-
  1 1 1967 1967
A guide to the capability and utility of meteorological analysis in estimating emission impact at pulp and papermill sites by National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream Improvement (U.S.)
  5 1 1973 1973
Evaluation of measurement methods and instrumentation for odorous compounds in stationary sources by Hall, H. J
  12 1 1972 1972
Emissions of reduced sulfur compounds and methane from kraft mill wastewater treatment plants by Crawford, Robert J.
  1 1 2008 2008
Odour control of an expanded kraft pulp mill by Gough, Graham P
  1 1 1984 1984
Future trends in air pollution control in the kraft pulping industry by Harding, C. I
  2 1 1966 1966
Displaying 1 to 11 of 11