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A Compilation of Spanish and Mexican law in relation to mines, and titles to real estate : in force in California, Texas and New Mexico : and in the territories acquired under the Louisiana and Florida treaties, when annexed to the United States : volume I, containing a translation of the mining ordinances of New Spain--Gamboas̕ mining ordinances--the laws in relation to mines of gold, silver and quicksilver, contained in the "Novisima recopilación", and the "Recopilación de las Indias", and in the decrees of the Cortes of Spain and of Ferdinand VII : also of the laws and decrees of Mexico, on the subject of mines, colonization, and the right of foreigners to hold real estate : also, extracts from public documents, and from the laws of California, in relation to mines and mineral lands : together with a digest of the common law, on the subject of mines and mining by Rockwell, John A. (John Arnold), 1803-1861
  353 8 1851 1851
Reales ordenanzas para la direccion, régimen y gobierno del importante Cuerpo de la Minería de Nueva-España, y de su Real Tribunal General by New Spain
  282 26 1783 1846
Commentaries on the mining ordinances of Spain : dedicated to His Catholic Majesty, Charles III by Gamboa, Francisco Javier de, 1717-1794
  270 13 1830 1830
A collection of mining laws of Spain and Mexico by Halleck, H. W. (Henry Wager), 1815-1872
  182 20 1859 2000
Ordenanzas de minería : y colección de las ordenes y decretos de esta materia posteriores á su publicacion ... y dos laminas para explicar los métodos mas economicos de disfrutar las vetas by Mexico
  77 6 1846 1846
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