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The political socialization of Mexican Americans : a comparison of the orientations of Mexican American and Anglo children with regard to their support of the American political system by Garcia, F. Chris
  25 7 1972 1972
The effect of folk legends told in Chicano Spanish on the attitudes and comprehension of Chicano children by Martinez, Ernest Alcario
  23 7 1977 1977
The influence of segregation of Mexican and American children upon the development of social attitudes by Farmer, William Andrew
  18 3 1937 1937
Cultural differences in the attributions and intentions of Anglos and Chicanos in an elementary school by Stewart, Ida Santos
  11 5 1972 1974
The effect of an art program designed to enhance the self-concept of Mexican-American children by Colchado, Jose D
  10 6 1979 1979
The effects of dramatization on attitudes toward reading of selected Mexican American children by Sánchez, José Armando
  9 5 1983 1983
A study of the attitudes towards education held by Mexican American migrant students, Spanish-speaking Mexican American non-migrant students, and English-speaking Mexican American non-migrant students of fourth, fifth and sixth grades by Balditt, Juan M.
  8 7 1979 1979
Chicano racial attitude measure (CRAM) : effects of a bilingual-bicultural education, and further standardization by Bernat, Gloria Solorzano
  8 5 1978 1978
Reaction to social pressure from adults versus peers among Mexican, Mexican-American, and Anglo-American rural children by Donini, Ana María C.
  7 6 1979 1979
Mexican American children's ethnic pride and internalized racism by Quintana, Stephen
  6 2 1999 1999
A study of the scholastic performance and attitudes of Mexican American students under the majority to minority voluntary transfer policy within a major South Texas School district by Santana, Henry A
  6 3 1974 1974
Racial and ethnic identification, preference, and acceptance in Hispanic and Caucasian preschool children by Heinz, Martha Clough
  6 5 1984 1984
Dreams : listen to our stories : voices of fifth-grade students
  6 1 2007 2007
A study of the effect of a Mexican American teaching unit on the attitudes of intermediate grade students by Swiers, Alma M.
  5 5 1977 1977
A comparative study of attitudes of Mexican-American students in third grade bilingual and non-bilingual classrooms by Martinez, Socorro, 1932-
  5 4 1983 1983
Un mismo sueño = : one dream
  4 2 2007 2007
A comparison of Anglo-American and Mexican-American fourth and fifth grade children as to their awareness and their attitudes about the world of work by Taylor, Daniel William
  2 1 1977 1977
The referencing effect on self concept : social comparisons between Mexican-American and Anglo-American children by Balow, Christopher Eugene
  2 1 1992 1992
The political world of the rural Chicano child by Lamare, James
  1 1 1974 1974
Comparison of cooperation and competition of children of three ethnic groups : Anglo-American, Mexican-American, and Puerto-Rican-American by Pesce, Rosario C.
  1 1 1975 1975
Displaying 1 to 20 of 20