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The Connecticut civil officer : in three parts ... : with suitable and approved forms for each : together with numerous legal forms of common use and general convenience by Niles, John M. (John Milton), 1787-1856
  1611 40 1823 1876
Local government law in a nutshell by McCarthy, David J.
  1233 35 1975 2007
Comparative administrative law ; : an analysis of the administrative systems, national and local, of the United States, England, France and Germany by Goodnow, Frank J., 1859-1939
  1183 35 1893 2005
A guide to officers of towns : containing the statutes relating to their official duties, with forms, directions, and legal decisions adapted to the Revised statutes of New-Hampshire by Fox, Charles J. (Charles James), 1811-1846
  1180 29 1843 2010
The Maine townsman, or, Laws for the regulation of towns : with forms and judicial decisions, adapted to the Revised statutes of Maine by Lord, John P. (John Perkins), 1786-1877
  1068 31 1844 2010
The Powers and duties of the town officer, as contained in the statutes of Maine : with forms adapted thereto : including also the powers and duties of plantation & parish officers, and other useful matter by O'Brien, John Maurice, 1786-1865
  1051 25 1822 1840
An outline of local government and local taxation in England and Wales (excluding London) by Wright, Robert Samuel, 1839-1904
  874 33 1884 1937
A treatise on the powers and duties of justices of the peace and town officers, in the state of New-York, under the revised statutes : with practical forms by Edwards, George C. (George Cunningham), 1787-1837
  871 26 1830 1840
Agenda by San Francisco (Calif.)
  852 834 1975 2020
Town officer, or, Laws of Massachusetts relative to the duties of municipal officers : together with a digest of the decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court upon those subjects by Goodwin, Isaac, 1786-1832
  839 28 1805 2010
Helping state and local governments comply with the ADA : an assessment of how the United States Department of Justice is enforcing title II, subpart A, of the Americans with Disabilities Act : a report of the United States Commission on Civil Rights by United States Commission on Civil Rights
  809 2 1998 1998
Code général des collectivités territoriales by France
  799 64 1996 2018
Principles of local government law by Cross, Charles Albert
  678 61 1959 1981
Local government law by Reynolds, Osborne M., Jr., 1940-
  673 13 2009 2019
Local law in Massachusetts and Connecticut historically considered by Fowler, William Chauncey, 1793-1881
  654 30 1872 2017
The territorial basis of government under the state constitutions, local divisions and rules for legislative apportionment by Reed, Alfred Zantzinger, 1875-1949
  642 24 1911 1968
[The town officer,] or, the power and duty of selectmen, town clerks ... and other town officers, as contained in the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts : with a variety of forms for the use of such officers : to which is prefixed the constitution of said Commonwealth : and thereto is added, the power and duty of towns, parishes, and plantations, a plain and regular method of keeping town accounts, and a table of crimes and punishments : also an appendix, containing some inspection and other laws at large, with other useful matter by Freeman, Samuel, 1743-1831
  638 30 1802 1815
Constitutional principles of local self-government in Europe by Boggero, Giovanni
  637 6 2017 2018
The rural code of Haïti in French and English : with a prefatory letter to the Rigth Hon. the Earl Bathurst, K.G. &c. &c. &c by Haiti
  629 31 1827 1929
The local government of the United Kingdom by Clarke, John Joseph, 1879-1969
  615 66 1922 2010
Shackleton on the law and practice of meetings by Shackleton, Frank
  572 41 1977 2020
The American municipal law review
  556 16 1936 1942
Local and central government; : a comparative study of England, France, Prussia, and the United States by Ashley, Percy, 1876-1945
  537 19 1906 1969
Handbook of local government law by Reynolds, Osborne M., Jr., 1940-
  513 12 1982 2001
Legal notes on local government
  511 16 1936 1993
Displaying 1 to 25 of 7485